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Mark Kohler
Eric Counts
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It’s easy to find out if we are right for you.

Step One Briefing

We know your time is valuable. That’s why the first step is a short briefing video that is designed to find out if we are the right fit for you. If not… no worries. We wish you the best.

Step Two Intro

If you like what you see and want to learn all about how we help people just like you get access to the information they need to be successful, then the Intro is perfect for you.

Step Three Follow Up

The final step in our simple process is what we call the Follow Up. We want to make sure you get all your questions answered. You can watch a recording OR join us live and ask away.

We know what you need…
Because it’s what WE need.


Proven Results

We like to say, “We don’t just teach real estate investing… We CREATE real estate investors..


Financial Freedom

Imagine having the properties you need that allow you to live your life on YOUR terms.


Community Support

Want help? We host weekly study groups so you always have a chance to learn something new…
Welcome to the Framily.


Amazing Systems

Whether is the deal finding software, the online course delivery, or the loan savings app, we have the systems you need for success.

This is that Perfect Chance you have been waiting for.


Use our integrated software to get access to 1000s of great properties.

Finding the deal can often be the hardest part.

With this systems, you can find deals quickly and easily without having to build a big team of people looking for “Finder’s Fees”. Just decide what you are looking for, create a search, and click… Simple.

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